Day Menu

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Bacalaitos | 10

Medalla marinated cod fish, squash blossoms, artichokes, chiles, lemon aioli


Crab & crackers | 12

Lump crab salad; served with grilled buttered saltine crackers


Truffle wings | 10

Crispy boneless wings, toasted sesame seeds, cilantro, gorgonzola crumbs, truffle buffalo sauce


Peel ‘n eat shrimp | 13

Shell on shrimp, old bay spices

Lobster guacamole | 14

Chilled maine lobster, smashed avocados; served with local chips


House made fries | 5

Cajun seasoned potatoes


Shaved onion rings | 6

Fried Onions


Bacon charred veggies | 8

Vegetarian option available

Greens and
other Colors

Chopped Chicken | 10

Iceberg lettuce, heirloom radishes, candied goat cheese, chopped chicken, toasted sesame seeds, sweet ponzu vinaigrette


Bib & Bacon | 10

Boston bib lettuce, brown sugar bacon, avocado, tomato, parmesan zest, honey lime spray


Burrata | 12

Tomato jubilee, shaved fennel, port wine reduction


Chicken Tikka | 12

Tandoori chicken, grilled naan, coriander raita


Pork Belly | 14

Locally seasoned pork belly, slow braised then grilled over charcoal; served with agrio


Carne Asada | 16

Skirt steak, aji panka, grilled over charcoal; served with avocados, sesame glaze

Hand Helds

Pan con Lechon | 12

Slow roasted pork belly, pickled fresno chilies, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots, cuban rolls


Fish tacos | 12

Medalla marinated cod fish, avocado, chipotle crème fraiche


Lobster roll | 16

Lemon butter poached lobster, medianoche roll; served with house fries

Shrimp po’boy | 13

Cajun buttermilk rock shrimp, shaved iceberg,
piquillo remoulade, brioche bun; served with house fries


WL Burger | 12

house ground blend, gouda, sugar peppered bacon, roasted pepper mayo, brioche bun; served with house fries


S’more sundae | 7

Graham cookie crumble, chocolate brownie, praline ice-cream, burnt marshmallow fluff


Piragua de coquito | 7

Shaved ice snow cone, boricua-style eggnog, cinnamon cotton candy


Guava cobbler | 7

Queso fresco gelato, spiced butter crust

Pumpkin pie gelato| 7

Pumpkin gelato, gingerbread streusel, toasted pumpkin seeds, brown butter powder


Ice cream | 5

Daily ice-cream experiments


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